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Hedge Trimming in Northern Ireland - Compare Cutting Costs

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It is surprising what a difference neat hedges can make in the aesthetic appearance of a property. Whether for commercial or residential properties, hedge trimming Northern Ireland services are essential for keeping properties looking manicured. The appearance of a commercial property can make a difference in the number of customers that choose to visit the establishment, and Northern Ireland hedge trimming services can help residential property owners stay compliant with neighbourhood covenants.

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The Northern Ireland hedge trimming specialists in our network of professionals can make regularly scheduled visits to your property to keep the hedges in tip top shape. They have been pre-approved for reliability and high work standards, and the specialists are licensed, insured and skilled. Using the best quality equipment available, the service personnel are well-trained and guarantee customer satisfaction. They are professional in their appearance and behaviour and can be counted on to keep their scheduled appointment time. The hedge trimming specialists in our network also clean up the area where they work leaving your property looking attractive and neat.

Trimming is Vital to Hedge Health

Trimming back a hedge to help improve its health often seems counter-intuitive to Northern Ireland homeowners, but it’s quite simple to put into perspective. In fact, it’s much like trimming your hair. Your hair grows from the root, not the tip, and the hair at the tip is often quite dry and “dead”. By removing these dead pieces, your hair grows healthier, shinier, and more beautiful. These same principles apply to hedges. Trimming them regularly can stimulate new growth, prevent the development and spread of disease, and even redirect their energy and resources into new growth, which can improve them overall.

Architectural Hedge Trimming

In some cases, you may want your hedges trimmed in such a way that the complement the architecture of your home. This may involve trimming out archways or carving intricate shapes and designs into your hedges. Not all tree surgeons are trained in this delicate work, but if you describe the type of service you need done when you ask for your quotes, you'll be contacted with companies who have experience in that particular area.

architectural hedge cutting services

Trimming a Hedgerow Improves Privacy

Hedge trimming allows Northern Ireland homeowners to control the shape, height, and thickness of their hedges, which is vital for privacy. A hedge that is regularly trimmed can grow denser than a hedge that is left to grow on its own. It’s much like any other plant; when you work to keep it from growing outward, it will instead grow denser in the middle. For privacy hedges, this is exactly what homeowners should do to keep their hedges completely opaque and healthy. What’s more, thicker hedges are also more capable of blocking gusty winds, which can make your garden a more enjoyable place to be.

Northern Ireland hedge trimming costs

Northern Ireland Hedge Trimming Costs

Average hedge trimming prices are dependent upon the size of the property and the number of hedges that need to be trimmed. The condition of the hedges also contributes to the cost as hedges that have been long neglected will require more time and effort to get back in shape. Making regular appointments with hedge trimming services is an excellent way to work the cost into a household budget.

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Professional Assistance is Recommended

While it is certainly possible to trim your hedging yourself, you will need to be fit and healthy to do so properly. You will also need to be comfortable with working on a ladder if your hedgerow is high. If you would like to ensure that it is reduced so that it is not only practical, but also aesthetically appealing, get in touch with us today and we will have professional hedge cutting companies contact you as soon as possible.

Your Northern Ireland Hedge Trimming Questions Answered

It isn't difficult, but it can be time consuming and exhausting, and there's the distinct possibility of making a mistake if you do it yourself which could look bad, or worse still cause injury.

Most professional hedge trimmers will charge a flat fee per hour, plus a hauling/dumping fee if they need to haul away any trimmings or branches. Some may charge extra if the hedges are extremely overgrown or require the use of a ladder to trim.

This will vary depending on the species of the hedge, and the time of the year. Most hedges don't need to be trimmed more than twice a year. Fast growing conifer species may need more attention to keep them under control.

Yes. Trimming your hedges regularly can help to remove old growth, as well as keep the hedges themselves in a presentable shape. Just don't cut too early in the year or you may disturb the nesting birds.

Hedge trimming should ideally be performed whenever hedges are not dormant. Trimming them in the Winter when they are normally in a dormant state could result in permanent damage.

When you hire a professional hedge trimmer, you'll have access to someone who not only knows how to trim the hedges, but also knows the signs of a problem. This means that your tree surgeon can give you valuable advice. For example, if an area of your hedges appears to be dying off, you can figure out why and take the appropriate measures to stop it.

In many cases, yes. Hedges often start to turn brown for one of two reasons: either they aren’t getting sufficient water, or their root system has become crowded and cannot grow. Trimming reduces the overall size of your hedge, which means it needs less root system to stay nourished and hydrated. Regular trimmings can restore life to hedges that are beginning to brown.

It isn’t uncommon for animals to nest in hedges, and this is even truer for birds when there are no trees nearby. For the most part, birds won’t harm your hedge, but if they become a nuisance, there are steps you can take to encourage them to build their nests elsewhere. You can purchase what is known as “bird netting” to place over your hedges during the breeding season, which is typically in the Winter when you should avoid trimming hedges altogether.

They most certainly can. In fact, when hiring the services of professional Northern Ireland arborists, they will ensure that your hedging is not only correctly cut; they will also be able to alert you to any problems there may be. For instance, if a section is dying, they will be able to determine what the cause is and provide remedial action right away.

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